Euchre is a card game for four players. It is played with a deck of 24 cards, using 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. There are four suits: spades ♠, diamonds ♦, hearts ♥ and clubs ♣.

Clubs Hearts Spades Diamonds
clubs hearts spades diamonds

At the start of each game round, a trump suit is selected. In non-trump suits, Ace ranks highest, followed by K, Q, J, 10, 9. In trump suit, the highest card is the Jack, followed by the Jack from the other suit of the same color. For example, if the trump is Spades, then the Jack of Clubs would temporarily become a trump card. In this case, the trump cards rank: J♠, J♣, A♠, K♠, Q♠, 10♠, 9♠

At the start of each round, players are dealt 5 cards each, with 4 cards left on the table. One of those cards is facing upwards, so that the players can see it. At the start of each round, player sitting next to the dealer is first to decide whether to pick up that card to the dealer or pass.

  • If a player picks up the card, that card's suit becomes the trump for that round. The dealer now has 6 cards, and has to discard one.
  • If the player passes, the next player can decide to whether to pick up the card to the dealer or pass.
  • If all four players pass, each player is asked (in the same order) to call a trump from one of remaining 3 suits. In this case, the card is not picked up from the table.
  • If all players pass again, the next player becomes the dealer and the cards are shuffled and dealt again.

Once the trump is selected, the player next to the dealer throws the leading card and others must follow suit if possible. In case player has no cards of that suit, any other card can be played. All four players throw just one card, and the player who threw the highest ranking card takes the trick:

  • If there are any trumps on the table, the highest ranking card is the highest trump card.
  • If there are no trumps on the table, the highest ranking card is the highest card of the same suit as the leading card.

The player who took the trick then plays the leading card.

Optional rule: If a player gets dealt a hand with three or more nines or tens, he can choose to go under and replace three of his cards with the three unseen cards in the kitty. Player can do so only when it's his turn to pick up the card or call the trump. Usage of this rule is optional. You can set in your profile whether you wish to play by this rule, or only play games that do not allow this.

When all five tricks are taken, the score is calculated. The players are split into two teams, with allies sitting across each other. The goal of each team is to reach 10 points in a game. The team that called trump needs to take at least 3 tricks to win. If they took three or four tricks, they score 1 point. If they took all five tricks, they score 2 points. If they took less than three tricks, the opponents score 2 points.

Going alone Going alone Going alone Going alone

A player can also choose to go alone. In this case, only three players play the round, with player's ally folding the cards and just watching. The only difference in scoring is that taking all five tricks is awarded with 4 points instead of just two.

Playing online

The game is played by four players, so there's more chance that some of them would have some problems with Internet connection. Because of this, the turn time is limited. If the time runs out, the computer will play instead of the player, even if the player's Internet connection is down or the browser is closed.

Each time the player doesn't play the card on time, the time limit is halved. To reset it back to full, you should start playing yourself or click any of your cards during other player's turn.

In case your browser closes or computer restarts, the server will keep playing instead of you. If you come back and the game is not over yet, you can still join the game and finish it. Also, if your browser gets stuck, feel free to refresh the browser window. All game state is kept on the servers, so you wouldn't lose anything.

Please note that we cannot distinguish between accidental connection problems and deliberate closing of browser window. Because of that, any coins spent on playing that game cannot be compensated. The only exception to this rule is if there was a genuine problem with our servers and you spent gold coins to play the game.


Chat's purpose is to have a friendly communication with other players, invite good players to a private game or your private league, etc. Chat must not be used to tell your ally what are your cards or which card to play.

Please be polite. If you can't, then just yell the words out loud, but don't type them in for others to read in the chat. If you don't like your ally's move, there are ways to say it without obscenities, personal attacks or name calling.

Chat is not a place for advertising, promotion, recruiting, campaigning, lobbying, soliciting or proselytizing. The chat is meant to be used to talk about the game you are currently playing.

Finally, if you see anyone doing anything of the above, please use the REPORT PLAYER button. We encourage you to report abuse and we will block the user forever. Should you engage in a heated discussion, make sure you obide by the rules above, so that we don't have to block your account as well.


There are gold and silver coins. Coins are spent by playing the games or creating private games and leagues. If you have both silver and gold coins, the system will first spend the silver coins and only use gold coins if there is not enough silver. While the gold coins can only be bought, there are different ways to earn silver coins: entering the game each day, inviting your friends to join, winning achievements, etc.

While the amount of gold coins is unlimited, you can have at most 200 silver coins as a time. For example, if you have 190 silver coins and win an achievement worth 50 coins, you would only get 10 coins for that achievement and max out your account with 200 silver coins. On the other hand, you can have unlimited amount of gold coins, so even if you have 200 gold coins you can still buy more if you want.

Player rankings

At the end of each game, players get as many points as their team had. Winners get additional 5 points. For example, if the game ended with the score 11:7, the losers would get 7 points, and the Winners would get 11+5 = 16 points. These points remain forever in the total rankings. The monthly rankings reset at the start of each month.

If you are playing games near the end of the month, please take note: if the game is not yet over when the last day of the month ends, the points from that game will count towards the next month's score. You can keep track of how much time remains, in the bottom-left corner of the main menu screen.

A single player can play only one game at a time. In case you wish to quit the current game and play a completely new one, you can cancel the game and let the computer AI finish it instead of you. In this case you forfeit any points that computer AI might win. Other players, including your ally, still get as many points as they earn during that match.

Long term rankings

At the end of each month, the top players are assigned points for the overall rankings. Points are awarded for the top 50 players in both total points and average points per game tables, as follows:

Position       Points awarded
1. 1000
2. 900
3. 800
4. 750
5. 700
6. 650
7. 600
8. 550
9. 520
10. 500
11. 490
12. 480
... ... reducing by 10 points until the end
48. 120
49. 110
50. 100

For example, a player who has been third in total points, and sixth in average points per game at the end of the month, would gain 1450 points for that month (800+650).

Overall rankings are calculated for the past 12 months. Starting April 2015 (once we reach a full year), the players will have to defend the points they won the same month previous year.

Ranks and levels

Rank marks the player's level. To get to a certain rank, the player needs to win as many points as possible during one month. For example, to earn the rank of MASTER, you need to win 500 points during one month. At the end of each month, 30% of the points are carried over to the next month. Once you reach a new rank, you will keep it forever, and you will get a reward in coins as well:

Rank  Needed monthly points  Reward (coins)
Newbie 0 0
Rookie 10 10
Apprentice 50 20
Journeyman 200 50
Master 500 100
Grandmaster 2000 200
King 5000 500
Champion 10000 1000

For example, a player earns 1500 points in May, gets the rank of Master and 100 coins. At June 1st, the monthly points are reset, and 450 points are carried over (30% of 1500). The player keeps the rank of Master. When the player reaches 10, 50, 200, 500 points in June, there are no coins awarded, because those ranks have already been reached before. Once the player reaches 2000 points and gets the rank of Grandmaster, 200 coins are also awarded. Since 450 points were carried over from May, player needs to win 1550 new points in June to reach the new rank.


With most achievements you will also get 10 silver coins.
There are some achievements that give you more, as noted below:

A Lone Wolf   Had both Bowers and the Ace, went alone and took five tricks
Riding with the Spurs on   Won only by sweeping and euchring opponents
Magician   Got dealt four nines or tens and managed to take a trick
Farmer's Hand   Got dealt five nines or tens
The Undertaker   Went under 4 or more times during one game
Lucky 13   Won the game 13 to zero
Unbeatable   Won 10 games in a row (70)
High Five   Scored 5 or more in the last five losses
Early Bird   Played your first game today (50)
Fanatic   Played 10 games in one day (60)
Monthiversary   Played at least one game for 30 consecutive days (80)
Merry Xmas   Played a game at December 25th (50)
Private Party   Played a private game for the first time
Top player   Finished in top 10 at the end of the month (70)
Month winner   Finished first at the end of the month (80)
Collector   Earned five different achievements (50)
CL Winner   Won the montly Champions League (600)
CL Top Player   Finished in top 10 in monthly Champions League (400)

Most achievements can be awarded multiple times, except for Collector and Private Party. For example, Unbeatable is awarded for 10, but also for 20, 30, 40... consecutive wins. Monthiversary is awarded for 30 days playing, but also for 60, 90, 120, etc.

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